Let Me Entertain You: Gems Of Wisdom From An InsiderLet Me Entertain You: Gems Of Wisdom From An Insider

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Let Me Entertain You: Gems Of Wisdom From An Insider

Hello there. I’m a promoter for a number of musicians, so I’m really interested in the entertainment industry. Country markets, large stadiums, nightclubs and festivals – I’ve had musicians perform at every venue imaginable. There’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes in any form of entertainment. Sourcing equipment and professionals such as lighting technicians is also a vital part of the job. I’ve gained quite a few contacts and developed a broad understanding of the whole entertainment industry over the years. I’m sure that anyone who is associated with the industry in any way will find something of interest in this blog. Please read, absorb and enjoy any gems of wisdom I may have been able to impart along the way. Bye for now.


Three Times To Have A Celtic Band Play At Your Wedding

When you're planning your wedding and are keen on having a live band playing music for you and your guests, one of your first decisions will be to choose what type of band you want to be present. There are many different genres of music that are appropriate for weddings, and having musicians who can play jazz or even a few pop standards can be a good choice. Another option that might appeal to you is to have a Celtic band. Read More 

Four Benefits of Using Live Streaming Services for Funeral Homes

Content and media is key for bringing new clients to your funeral home. You want to make sure that you are offering the latest options for funeral planning and services. One of the services you may have considered, but currently do not offer, is a live video streaming service. If you aren't sure how this would actually benefit your funeral business, consider the following four key points.  Distance is not an Issue Read More